"The pilot was nothing short of inspirational. Her enthusiasm for her job and passion for flying, made this a great experience for the other family members watching too. Two of our teenage girls now want to try flying as a career"

Anne Marie McStay

The jet flight simulator was an incredible experience from beginning to end. For our 11 year old son and his best friend it offered him the chance to land and take off at his favourite English soccer League airport, and enjoy the feeling of an airline cockpit during takeoff and landing. Learning to turn and control the instruments was very interesting.

We found the staff extremely accommodating , friendly and helpful at all times, particularly as our son uses a wheelchair for mobility.

"Lots of fun, Just like the real thing , can never get enough"

John Nicholls (757 Captain Continental Airlines USA)

Considering I did not know what to do as a simulation this exceeded my expectations. I found it a thrilling and realistic experience which went beyond my limited flying ability. I think it ranks among the most memorable and exciting things I can recall. I was pleased with my ability to actually be in control of the aircraft in real time complete with external visuals and execute all operations correctly. Even my nervous flyer wife enjoyed the observer experience. Josh my instructor was excellent in preparing me for the flight and handling the engine and navigational duties. His advice on when to make critical changes to flight parameters was invaluable in making sure my experience was a success. I will be back. I will highly & enthuiastically recommend the experience to my friends." 

Terry Hamilton

"Excellent! Great fun and would love to do it again " 

John Ruggiero

"Flight simmer for 8 yrs - a must to do boys"

Greg Mills

"Great fun, recommend to everyone"  

Dave Francis

"Fabulous !!! will be back with friends and family"

Joanna Coombes

"Great experience - everyone should do it " 

Richard Harvey

"Absolutely fantastic and amazing experience Excellent instructing"

Shiralee Bothe

"Had a wonderful time, great instructor and friendly people to enjoy a flight simulation" 

Anuj Ajmani

"Great Fun - as a gold coast local I highly recommend it"

Paul Condie

"Fantastic lifetime experience - well worth the adrenalin" 

Robert Kelly

"Great flight over the Gold Coast , awesome Fathers Day pressie"

Grant Johnston

"Best Ever Birthday Gift"

Michael Clark

"Worth Every cent! New respect for Pilots"

Paul Bouffler

"Freaking Awesome , A must for any aeroplane lover"

Lewis Chick

"Great , Loved it, Coming Again"


"Great Experience, take the time, well worth it"


"Great day, lots to learn"


"Excellent experience flying the Simulator, great instruction for studying"

Damian Field

"Sensational – awesome, thanks heaps Kim" 

Peter Whyte

"Absolutely awesome!! Feels so real. Thanks!!"

Jeremy & Gemma

"Great Experience, glad I do not have to do this for a job - and the public is glad too"

Dan Harker

"Excellent! Very realistic, loved every second!"

Jay Moody

"A good landing, SAN FRAN Spectacular!"

Paul Schulos

"Brings back great memories ILS was great"

Paul Casey

"A very great experience!!"

Nadine Hachen

"Daniel is extremely professional & i greatly enjoyed the experience & will definitely be back!"

Syd Bruce

"Informative, realistic and fun!!"

Simon Kuttner

"The realism was 100% but the impact of the realism was incredible!!"

Bruce Richards

"So real I was actually flying a plane"

Kyandra Simon 17 yrs

"Fantastic Experience. A real adrenalin Rush"

Dave Newton

"Have a new respect for real pilots , a MUST visit when on the Gold Coast"


"Excellent experience and great instructor. Thank you" 

Chris & Ryan Woods

"Absolutely Fabulous - Will come again"

Doug Heidke

"You havent lived till you do this"

Bruce Harvey

"Outstanding fun - I want one"

Craig Stewart

"Wonderful experience, great fun, great teacher, great staff"

Greg Jenkins

"Unbelievable - Reality excellent ta"

Gerald Pauschman

"Hard, but a great experience. Loved it"

Amanda Lucas

"Unreal , thanks Leanne for the opportunity, my son and I loved it"

Campo 97.3fm Brisbane

"Insane, You are the Pilot"

Jeremy Scott 20/4/08

"Absolutely Fantastico .. will do again and again and ..."

Allen Rivaie

"Love to fly again - Wonderful teacher, wonderful experience"

Dr Tampoe

"Great fun. loved it"

Jane Bataille

"So Real! Excellent!!"

Daniel Kuczynski

"Great experience - excellent staff Thanks"


"Calmed me down about flying home to England, Thank you to Kelvin and staff for being truly understanding and patient"

David Duffy visitor from England

"I'm Hooked into flying - back soon"

Glyn Pearce

"Gold - Pure Gold"

Josh Fajzullin Channel 9 reporter - Weekend extra  3 March 2009

"Awesome I had a ball"

Mark Walker

"Excellent experience will do again"

Brad Porter

"I would recommend to anyone, excellent fun" 

Craig Bolin


Nathan Kelly

"Excellent instruction and most fun I've had on the gold coast" 

Brad Vermeer

"Excellent gift and experience - well done team"

John Barnett

"I flew your 737-800 Flight Simulator on 2nd May 2008 while on holiday in Australia. It was a fantastic experience and one I will always remember. In fact it has been life changing (for reasons I will detail below). During my one hour session, under the supervision of Kelvie, I practiced turns, ascents and descents and a couple of take off and landing from Kingsford Smith. This was my first ever flight experience and I absolutely loved it. It has really inspired me, and I felt so natural behind the controls.

I have always had a big passion for aviation, and love flying as a passenger. During my holiday to Australia I flew for over 54 hours, including a short hop from Bundaberg to Lady Elliot Island in an Islander Aircraft, (just the weekend prior to flying the simulator at Surfers Paradise), and spoke to the pilot during the trip as I sat in the first officer's seat.

During the last four years I have considered training as an airline pilot, and researched it considerably. The flight simulator experience with you and flying as a passenger to Australia and within, confirmed my thought. On my return home to Europe I applied for Commercial Airline Pilot Training!

Following considerable testing, interviews and a simulator flight (which your simulator prepared me well for) I delighted to share with you that I have been selected to train commercially as an Airline First Officer. I am ecstatic!! I am starting my course in February and hopefully will finish in June 2010, by which stage I hope to be flying a 737 (or an Airbus) for real.

I really wanted to share my story (so far) with you, as I found true inspiration from your Flight Simulator Experience. When I flew your simulator, I signed the visitor's book. It was Monday 2nd May 2008, around midday, so look me up. I want to pass on my best wishes to Kelvie and to all your staff. If I return to Surfers Paradise again (and I plan to) I will call in to say hello."

Best Wishes and Thank You
Mark McGreevy - Northern Ireland